9 Reasons to register as an exhibitor now, instead of waiting for a later date.

1)Get your booth number right now. Publicize your booth number on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc. and generate lots of buzz:) Make it real easy for your clients to productively plan out their day. Schedule face-to-face meetings at your exhibitor booth.

2) *Benefit from our
 powerful online marketing/social media activities targeting commercial real estate investors specifically interested in private lending. Wondering how we know so many commercial real estate investors interested in private lender financing? That’s simple. We own a treasure trove of data in the private lending industry since we operate the domains/websites HardMoney.com, HardMoneyLenders.com since 1998Why wait until the event day? Get your company brand noticed by these commercial real estate investors right now.

3)  *Select a speaking topic of your choice live-on stage prime time in the conference room. Limited stand alone speaking slots available. Topics subject to approval.

4) *Get listed as an on-stage featured speaker on the online event program agenda.

5) *Become a moderator on stage at the panel sessions. Limited moderator opportunities available.

6) *Upload a video about your services at

7) *Your company logo displayed on logo slide show at PrivateLenderExpo.com with hyperlink to your website. 

8) Booth location selection based upon availability on a first come first serve basis.

9) Free unlimited admission tickets for all your friends, business associates available if you register early.

*Gold Exhibitors only

If you’re a private lender or other private lending industry professional not attending the Private Lender Expo® you’re clearly missing out BIG time not experiencing the full potential of the flourishing private lending/hard money industry. Period.

Join the action by taking action. Don’t end up being another one of those private lenders missing in action.
Get on the Radar! Don’t miss the Boat!  Act Now!